No Dig India Show 2018

No Dig India Show 2018

The journey of Trenchless Standardisation, that started in India in 2007, has seen development of codes of practice of five most popular Trenchless techniques. In the year 2017, first revision of four codes, and second revision of one code has also been released. These codes provide appropriate inputs for application of such standardized techniques. To advance this process of standardisation, IndSTT is hosting the No Dig India Show 2018.
In addition to publishing codes, over the same period, IndSTT has published commercial framework that includes contract conditions and schedule of rates, several guidelines for project planning, execution, and conclusion. With the introduction of newer codes, amplification of current conditions becomes imperative as that would help in maximizing the benefits of new editions. IndSTT intends to release new codes in line with directions of code committee, and revised editions of current framework and guidelines.

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Why No Dig Show

No Dig Show

Trenchless activities in any region depend upon three drivers, government or investors policies, technique sensitization, and available finances. In South Asian region, and especially in India, the current trend is seeing various governments and other agencies investing heavily in infrastructure through various programs and projects like JnNURM, or Commonwealth Games, or petrochemical and gas cross country pipeline projects in India or WASA pipe rehab in Bangladesh or reconstruction works in Sri Lanka. All this is leading to an accelerated demand of sensitization about the Trenchless and a networking support to the trenchless industry which in this region is acting as a magnet for the global trenchless industry. Next years are going to see more of Indian or South Asian operations of almost all the major Trenchless Service providers who have enhanced their region specific business promotion efforts in a major way. With a view to providing assistance to such technology demand and also for promotion of newer technologies Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (IndSTT), the apex organization to promote Trenchless Technology in this part of the globe, is continously organizing No-Dig India Show where confluence of clients, consultants, service providers, equipment supplier, technology provider will meet to discuss the various issues including network meetings.