NDIS 2016 - Compendium of Trenchless Equipment

Trenchless is a progressive technology with an ever growing portfolio of subsurface construction equipment. Rapid expansion of this portfolio is taking place due to sweeping technological advancements.

Mechanization, through addition and multiplication of various trenchless techniques, linked equipment, and methodologies has helped in enhancing and advancing subsurface construction processes extensively.

Today, clients of trenchless service providers are able to command better services due to such growth, but this growth also challenges the service providers in sourcing and remaining upto date.

As there are several types of trenchless equipment of varying designs, capacities, or capabilities developed across the globe a compilation of information of such equipment is an essential tool in the hands of trenchless technologists and their clients.

To assist the global trenchless community, IndSTT is bringing out a Compendium of Trenchless Equipment. Compendium would provide pertinent information about different equipment, including source, capacities etc. This documentation is aimed to help TT stakeholders in their sourcing activities.

Invitation is open to interested manufacturers to get their products included in this compendium. For more details please contact Dr. Niranjan Swarup, Director General, Indstt New Delhi.

INDSTT Compendium of Trenchless Equipment Form

Trenchless Equipment List