No Dig Show 2011 Theme Note

No Dig Show

With the growth of Indian cities, particularly the megacities, continuing at an extremely fast pace, the need for abundant infrastructure and the demand for the Underground usage is assuming enormous pro-portions. Added to this highly demanding scenario, failing health of existing underground infrastructure is making the situation more difficult for the urban settlements due to a slower growth in available re-sources and capabilities. In fact, even if a fraction of the needed infrastructure is developed or maintained through Trenchless, the capacity of Indian Trenchless industry will be challenged. It may not be able to meet the required service demand fast enough. There simply may not be enough planners, designers, and contractors to do the work and capacity development from the current levels is imperative. Failing which will lead to all round damages of buried structures as well as colossal waste of underground space. It is the later part that is more worrisome as this will lead to larger complications for our future generations and we should to protect our underground space to the maximum possible extent. IndSTT, to facilitate this mammoth need and sensitize the stakeholders, is organizing the No Dig India Show, 2011 with the theme, "Underground is the Future-let's protect it Jointly".

Aims & Objectives of the No-Dig India Show 2011 are as follows:

Fueled by the market demand, the year has seen substantial activities on the front of Trenchless Tech-nology Applications in the country. Based on them the show has been structured with the following objectives:

1. To make the case that ‘Underground is the Future-Let's protect it Jointly'

2. To showcase the achievements of Indian Trenchless industry to the participants and promote trenchless application within the participating countries through this showcasing.

3. To provide information about latest developments and changes in technology reported during the year.

4. To forge partnerships amongst the different participating stakeholders.

5. To provide update on market intelligence, prices, and other technocommercial matters.

6. To promote trenchless applications through appropriate contractual framework.

7. To protect underground through application of appropriate project operation framework.

8. To protect underground through deployment of qualified workforce.

9. To protect underground through engagement registered qualified persons.

In addition, similar to previous events, some new publications & revised editions of some of the IndSTT publications would be released during the show.

For more information on show please use the following links:

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