No Dig Show 2010

No Dig Show

The three-day workshop on Meeting Urban Challenges through Trenchless Engineering dubbed ‘No Dig India Show 2010’, organized by IndSTT at Conference Hall, Periyar Centre, Jasola, New Delhi (India), concluded successfully on 11th December 2010. The event, sponsored by Rosewood Projects Pvt. Ltd. as Principal Sponsor; Patel Engineering Ltd. as Main Sponsor; DCI India Pvt. Ltd., Herrenknecht AG, L R Sharma & Co., Nandini Impex Pvt. Ltd., Urmi Enterprise and Vichitra Constructions Pvt. Ltd. as Sponsors, witnessed  several activities during the show. Those included release of IndSTT publications, holding various workshops, and various trenchless equipment displays & live demonstrations and stand displays.

Event saw the release of following publications for reference and use of members and Industry stakeholders:

1. Trenchless Technology Selection Guidelines,

2. Schedule of Rates for Construction Projects Employing Trenchless Technology 2011 (Fourth edition),

3. Survey of Indian Subsurface Construction Projects 2010,

4. No Dig India Journal, Souvenir Issue December 2010,

5. No Dig Show Stand Directory

Copies of these publications have been provided to the registered delegates of the show. Other interested stakeholders can request for copies on payment of the applicable fee.

During the 3 day (9th-11th December 2010) event titled No Dig India Show 2010, sessions on various topics of Trenchless Technology were held along with the equipment/machinery/product display and their live demonstrations. The workshop drew a wide array of participants from the public, private, business and civil society sectors in India and abroad. In all, 15 presentations were made at the workshop.

The show inaugural speech was delivered by Mr. Chander Verma, Chairman IndSTT and the key note address was delivered by Mr. Alex Mallaney, Managing Director, Herrenknecht Asia, on behalf of Dr. Martin Herrenknecht, M.D. Herrenknecht A.G.

After the inaugural session, four workshops were conducted on the first day.

Initiating the first workshop on Interceptor sewers Mr. Deepak Kr. Shrivastwa, Executive Engineer (RPC & EDP) Delhi Jal Board, introduced the presenter Mr. Sanjoy Mukherjee, Dy. General Manager (Infrastructure), Engineers India Ltd. who gave a brief introduction of the project and its advantages. The presentation entitled ‘Laying of Interceptor Sewers along Najafgarh, Supplementary and Shahdara Drains for Abatement of Pollution in River Yamuna’ was made by him. He informed the audience that the Interceptor Sewers Project has been conceived for abatement of pollution in river Yamuna. It aimed to developing a 58 km long Interceptor Sewer network for conveying trapped sewage from unsewered area sub-drains to STPs through microtunnelling methods. He informed that activities such as field investigations, preparation of detailed feasibility and project report, land allotment process and issuance of tender documents has been completed.

In the second workshop, Mr. Karl Dewstow, Trenchless Solutions Specialist, Worldwide Machinery Solutions, delivered the presentation entitled ‘Large HDD Rig Selection and Setup’. Initiating presentation with the introduction of the drilling machines, he explained that the selection of appropriate machine depends upon machine pilot bore distance capability, machine hole size capability and machine pullback force. During his presentation he presented detailed specifications and benefits of the machines and tools in such projects.

The workshop on ‘Trenchless Technology Selection Guidelines’ comprised two presentations. The first presentation entitled ‘Selection of appropriate technology for trenchless solutions and techno-commercial evaluation of bids’ was presented by Mr. Vidyadhar M Vengurlekar, Expert (Sewerage Rehabilitation), Mott MacDonald Private Limited. Beginning with the introduction of the Trenchless techniques employed for new installations as well as rehabilitation and replacement of the subsurface utilities, Mr. Vengurlekar emphasized on the importance of the selection of appropriate trenchless techniques and selection of qualified contractors to execute projects, through proper screening procedure. He suggested the process of identifying and giving Weightages to the various driving factors responsible for the trenchless technology selection and selection of contractor.

The second presentation, based on the Guidelines for the better management of Trenchless Projects, was made by Prof. Niranjan Swarup, Executive Director IndSTT. It drew attention towards the need of such guidelines. During presentation he illustrated different trenchless techniques, elaborated investigation methods and devised guidelines for selection of appropriate and standard methods that can address requirements related to new installations, rehabilitation, or renewal of subsurface utilities. He presented four sets of Technique Applicability Forms that can help the evaluation and subsequent selection of appropriate Trenchless construction or rehabilitation/renewal methodology.

In the last workshop of the day, the presentation entitled ‘Construction of Pipe Roof and Support System’ was made by Mr. Cheng Kim Hua , Principal, Tunnel Services. The presentation illustrated the method of construction of Pipe roof/arch by microtunnelling, pipe jacking or other trenchless technique to install a series of interlocking steel pipes to form a temporary support system, below which the final section of the box culvert structures is then mined and constructed. He also explained the applicability and usefulness of Pipe roof/arch method.

The Trenchless Excellence Awards for 2010 were given away on the 2nd day of show. In the award ceremony Mr. Sunir Garg, Manager Gypsum Structural India Pvt. Ltd., made a presentation on a river crossing for Numaligarh-Silliguri Pipeline executed by them in a difficult terrain by Microtunneling. The citations were first to be initiated with the citations conferred upon Shanivi Constructions Pvt. Ltd. and Michigan Patel JV. After citation the IndSTT Distinguished Trenchless Technologist Awards were distributed and the first award, in the category of Academic Excellence, was given away to Prof. (Dr.) J. S. Chauhan, Head Civil Engineering Department, SATI, Vidisha. The next Award, in the category of Professional Excellence, went to Gypsum Structural India Pvt Ltd. The third award, in the category of Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development, went to Rosewood Projects (P) Ltd. The Award for Excellence in Management went to Vichitra Construction Pvt. Ltd.  The fifth award, in the category of Excellence in Development of Trenchless Technology, went to Drillto Trenchless Co. Ltd. The next Award, in the category of Excellence in Promotion of Trenchless Technology, went to DCI India Pvt. Ltd. Being first year of no nominations had been received in the categories of Contribution to academic or infrastructure growth of IndSTT and Financial contribution to IndSTT.

After the award ceremony seven workshops were conducted on the second day of the show.

In the first workshop on the second day, the presentation entitled ‘TRIC Tools Pipe Bursting’ was presented by Mr. Michael Lien, Operations Manager/CFO, Tric Tools Inc. The presentation began with the informative description of the evolution of sewer system and introduction of the TRIC's technologies that minimise the requirement for surface excavation and significantly reduce the environmental impacts of underground utility service installation, maintenance and repair. TRIC Tools, as explained by Mr. Lien, is a trenchless pipe bursting system that pulls a specialized bursting head through an existing pipe and in the process breaks the pipe and pushes the broken pieces outward to accommodate a new pipe that is pulled through from behind in place of the burst section of pipe. He demonstrated the technical aspects of Pipebursting in minute details and also gave an account of the introduction of TRIC Technology in California.

The next workshop comprised presentation entitled ‘Direct Pipe Tailor - Made Method of Trenchless Installation’ by Ms. Diana Pfeff, Product Manager (Direct Pipe), Herrenknecht AG. Starting with short introduction of Herrenknecht AG the presentation dealt with the working process of the Direct Pipe method, the main Components i.e. Pipe Thruster & Machine, the range of applicability and the advantages over other methods. The Direct Pipe method, as explained, combines the advantages of the Microtunnelling and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) methods. And in this method one single and continuous working operation is performed for the trenchless laying of a pre-fabricated pipeline and the simultaneous creation of the necessary bore hole.

The presentation entitled ‘Project design limitations for microtunneling’ by Mr. Terry Davis, Product Sales Manager Aker Wirth GmbH, was presented in the fourth workshop. Beginning with the introduction of Aker-Wirth, one of the leading service providers of microtunneling solutions and equipment, Mr. Terry Davis elaborately discussed the microtunneling project design considerations and their advantages and limitations.

The presentation by Mr. Paul Nicholas of Sherrie Engineering Pvt. Ltd. titled ‘Technical Qualifying criteria for Microtunneling and Pipe Jacking Operations’ was presented in the fifth workshop. Microtunneling & Pipe Jacking operations, as explained by Mr. Nicholas, is a technique which provide state-of-art solutions for developing subsurface piped networks in critical grades and alignment at several inaccessible locations where open cut pipe laying is not possible or uneconomical. His presentation identifies standards for a qualified professional operating a Microtunneling & Pipejacking Machine system.

The next workshop contained presentation entitled ‘Technical Qualifying criteria for HDD Operations & Tracking’ demonstrated that the rapid growth of HDD has resulted in severe shortage of manpower and introduction of semi skilled professionals with half baked knowledge in the industry. He further said that the HDD machines, being sophisticated and state-of-art, if handled improperly may result into the damages. And therefore the need is to regulate operations of drilling machines and permit the operations only by the qualified persons. To achieve this he identified the eligibility criteria for the technicians based on the minimum performance standards and the test of skills.

The presentation entitled ‘Sheet Piling Applications’ by Mr. Kiran Pujari, Technical Sales Manager, ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions India Pvt. Ltd was presented in the last workshop on the second day. Introducing steel sheet piles, Mr. Kiran Pujari described it as a prefabricated, easy to reuse and fast to execute uniform high quality product. He illustrated in detail the various types of and the range of applicability of the interlocking vertical pile elements forming a continuous wall for retaining soil and / or water, and their utility as a tailor made solution for temporary and permanent structures.

The first presentation on the third day of show entitled ‘Geophysical Surveys for Subsurface Construction Projects’ was presented by Dr. Sanjay Rana, Director, Parsan Overseas (P) Limited. Beginning presentation with the introduction of the company and the speaker, Dr. Rana explained the utility and purpose of the geophysical investigation. He gave elaborated account of the various geophysical techniques, like ground penetrating radar, seismic refraction, electrical tomography and seismic reflection, used to provide detailed and quick assessment of subsurface conditions in non-destructive manner to eliminate surprises during project execution.

In the second workshop of the last day of the show, presentation titled ‘General Demand for Tunnelling Technology for the Construction of Infrastructure Systems Worldwide’ was presented by Mr. Alex Mallaney, Managing Director, Herrenknecht Asia. It was a non scheduled workshop and was included only to address the requirements of some of the delegates who wanted to get a basic understanding about the various facets of Microtunneling. Mr. Mallaney made to requested presentation and emphasized on the importance of site investigation in selection of cutter head based on subsurface conditions and risk mitigation. He gave an overview of site setup for the microtunnelling operation and further dealt in detail about the specifications and advantages of the machines and components used for Microtunneling operations.

In next workshop Dr. Hans-Peter Uffmann, Technical Director, Bohrtech GmbH, made the presentation entitled ‘Economical Guided Auger Boring Techniques’. In the introduction he described different pilot tube microtunnelling methods and the restriction of this technique in jacking product pipes through dense material and obviously in rock .  Front Steer system, as described by him, is a novel steering technology developed by Bohrtec which for the first time overcome the application restriction and enabled applications in very dense strata and in moderately strong rock with the help of a guided auger boring system that excavates the ground as it advances.

Initiating presentation titled ‘GRP Piping for Trenchless Technology Installation’, in the last workshop of the show, Mr. Lee M Skinner, C. Eng B. Eng (Hons) MICE, CEO, SABAS Technologies, with the introduction of the company and the products i.e. injection moulded GRP Sewer liners, GRP Jacking/Tunneling Pipe and FW piping systems for general application, described in detail the advantages and the applications. He explained that the Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) composite piping systems, being inert material that can be used in abrasive environment, has extensive applications in the municipal market, in particular the water and wastewater sectors.  In addition, they can also be used in pipejacking operations as they provide a cost effective and lightweight solution to the project requirements.

The Exhibition was a great success wherein 79 stands & open display space various Trenchless equipment and products were displayed by the exhibitors. Some of the displays also were with live demonstrations. The exhibition was visited by numbers of visitors who got the first hand information and feel of the various Trenchless equipments and their usage.

One of the important achievements of the show was the signing of the MOU between TRIC Tools Inc. Alameda, CA, US and MY ConsTechno, Nagpur, India for establishing TRIC Tools India Private Limited to promote the pipe bursting equipment and other products of TRIC Tools in India. Mr. Michael Lien, Operations Manager/CFO, Tric Tools Inc. and Mr. Vaibhav Khanna, My Cons Techno, signed the contract on behalf of their companies. Other major achievements of the show provided a major boost to the IndSTT efforts in promoting the Trenchless and it has been approached to host trenchless events in several parts of nation. Based on the requests IndSTT is scheduling events in Bhopal (Feb’11), New Delhi (Apr’11), Bangalore (May’11), Nagpur (Jul’11), in addition to its regular events. IndSTT is sure that these will help to enhance the spread of Trenchless and provide necessary support to Stakeholders in realizing their objectives..

The show concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participants.

The show concluded with IndSTT inviting the participants for the No Dig India Show, New Delhi 2011. The show has been scheduled for 8th ~10th December, 2011 at New Delhi.