About Us

INDIAN SOCIETY FOR TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY (INDSTT) is the apex organization to promote the application and nurture the growth of Trenchless Techniques in India and other South Asian nations. It was established in 1995 at Mumbai and subsequently its Principle Office was moved to New Delhi. It is one of the focal points of the Trenchless Technologists in this part of world.

Society is a non-profit organization governed by an autonomous Governing Council. Council is headed by its Chairman Mr. Chander Verma and assisted by the Executive Director Prof. Niranjan Swarup.

For the past Fourteen Years INDSTT, has been making relentless efforts in popularizing the technology in India and has been able to achieve enormous recognition and respect for its technology promotional efforts.

If we consider the equipment population figures as an indicator of technology acceptance in Indian Markets our success rate can be termed phenomenal. With an almost zero population in 1995 to the composite machine strength of Indian markets exceeds 800 now and with the explosive urban growth, the numbers are now accelerating fast.

If we talk about the user or stakeholder perspective, IndSTT efforts have been bearing fruits and there has been a sizeable change in the total scenario of underground utility installation in the country. Engineers and Decision-makers are now well aware of this technology as a practical alternative to open cut method and are convincingly inclined to adopt this Technology to its optimal level.

Society has been established to work for the Technical Advancement of Trenchless Technology; Promote the use of Trenchless Technology; Professionalize Trenchless Technology sector; Sensitize Stakeholders about Trenchless Technology; Disseminate Information about Trenchless Technology; Support the Research & Development activities of the Sector; Promote Education in the Sector; Provide Platform for Networking and all other related activities. A detailed charter of objectives can be read by clicking here.

Today the Society has various memoranda of associations with various organizations of the Industry both National as well as international. Prominent of them are MoUs with IIT Bombay, IKT, Germany, ICC, SAARC CIC, Louisiana Tech University, US apart from others.

Since inception Indian Society for Trenchless Technology it has taken several programmes for creating awareness amongst potential user departments and for adoption of Trenchless technology in India. A detailed description is provided in the Projects Link of this website.